P2P settlement system from Zecoex

Zecoex brings to you a unique settlement system, Peer 2 Peer settlement system. Now you can Deposit, and withdraw in INR under this system, within applicable limits.

The P2P system is revolutionary and works for both withdrawal and deposits:

If you are a registered user at Zecoex and have completed your KYC, and you wish to trade your crypto currency holding, either in part or in full, and make deposit or take withdrawal in INR, you need to:

Withdrawal \ Seller - Make an offer of your cryptocurrency at your desired price. You will find this option in your new dashboard. You will be able to make an offer only for cryptocurrency balances you hold at Zecoex, and for which you have not placed any coin withdrawals. You also have an option to Sell ZINR through buyers and getting INR directly to your bank accounts (Limits applicable)

Deposit \ Buyer - Select from a list of other available registered users who have placed Selling bids, one or more bids. You also have an option to buy ZINR through sellers paying INR directly to their bank accounts (Limits applicable)

The buyer or seller would be able to see your Bid \ offer too, and has an option to select your bid \offer.

The buyer or seller would then send or receive the payment to bank directly and payments only within set limits wherever applicable can be processed through the Zecoex P2P system.

Your coin balance or money under bid or offer will be at an escrow at Zecoex and would be transferred to the buyer’s or seller’s account only when confirmation of payment is received.

This will complete the transaction with the buyer getting your coins at Zecoex, and you getting the INR deposited in your account.

(ZINR is a virtual digital asset by Zecoex which is pegged by INR in the ratio of 1:1)